Permanent tracheostomy in a horse: a case report




Problems related to the locomotor and gastrointestinal systems correspond to the highest percentage of clinical cases. However, diseases related to the respiratory system can result in low animal performance or even the animal's removal from athletic life. This paper aims to report a case of permanent tracheotomy in a horse. The animal was treated at the Jerônimo Dix-Huit Rosado Maia Veterinary Hospital - HOVET, with respiratory noise and dyspnea claims. In the anamnesis, the owner reported that the animal had been presenting respiratory difficulty for 20 days. On physical examination, respiratory noise and dyspnea were noted. Endoscopy was performed, from which a marked decrease in the arytenoid cartilage movement on the right and left sides was noted. It was possible to diagnose a stage IV case of bilateral laryngeal hemiplegia, combining clinical signs with endoscopy findings. Thus, the surgical treatment of permanent tracheostomy was chosen. After surgery, drug therapy using antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs was performed. In addition, a #6 metal tracheostomy cannula was inserted. After 36 days of hospitalization, the animal was discharged with regression of clinical signs.


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