Oral microbiota in healthy Bothrops atrox (Serpentes: Viperidae) and in snakes with stomatitis

  • Heloisa Castro Pereira
  • Dayane Olímpia Gomes
  • Líria Queiroz Luz Hirano
  • André Luiz Quagliatto Santos
  • Anna Monteiro Correia Lima


The purpose of this study was to isolate bacteria found in the oral cavity of healthy Bothrops atrox and in snakes with stomatitis. The area around the snake fang sheaths were swabbed and the samples were placed in Stuart transport medium, and then seeded on blood agar and XLD agar. Gram staining and catalase and mannitol tests were performed to identify Gram positive bacteria, while biochemical screening with Rugai-lysine medium was used to identify Gram negative bacteria. Proteus spp. (37.5%), Escherichia coli (25%), Citrobacter spp. (18.76%), Serratia spp. (9.37%) and Enterobacter spp. (9.37%) were isolated from healthy snakes, while Escherichia coli (26.31%), Citrobacter spp. (21.05%), Proteus spp. (15.78%), Salmonella (10.52%), and Staphylococcus spp. (26.31 %) were isolated from snakes with stomatitis. Staphylococcus spp. in healthy snakes and in animals with stomatitis differed significantly, suggesting that this microorganism is associated with cases of stomatitis in Bothrops atrox.


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