Subcutaneous advancement flap for snout reconstruction after traumatic injury in a dog: case report


Reconstructive plastic surgery in companion animals is increasing in surgical blocks. Pedicle skin flaps on the face of dogs and cats are of difficult execution, making it challenging for the surgeon. The objective of this work is to report a skin reconstruction of a dog's face after trauma. A male dog of unknown breed, presenting trauma of unknown cause with total loss of snout and part of incisive bone, was attended at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Pará, Brazil. Emergency care was performed and the animal was referred for surgical debridement of the lesion and posterior plastic correction. A subcutaneous facial advancement flap was used to cover the wound, demonstrating that this is a good option in this region due to the low elasticity of the skin. There were no intercurrences in the postoperative period and the animal presented good functional and cosmetic results.


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