Occurrence of endoparasites with zoonotic potential in the city of Uruguaiana-RS


The presence of feces of companion animals in public squares contaminated with endoparasite eggs with zoonotic potential plays a fundamental role in the transmission of diseases to the population. In this context, Cutaneous Larva Migrans and Visceral Larva Migrans are important zoonosis. In the city of Uruguaiana-RS, as well as in the national panorama, there is a shortage of data that contemplate the current contamination of public areas in order to map critical areas for the implementation of public policies to prevent these diseases. Thus, we evaluated the occurrence of endoparasites in the public squares of Uruguaiana-RS through the collection of feces in these places. A total of 87 fecal samples were collected, in which 23 were positive for endoparasite eggs with zoonotic potential. In the compilation of the data, we found higher prevalence of Ancylostoma spp. than Toxocara spp. in not fenced public squares. Compared with previous studies, a decrease in contamination of feces found and collected was observed. Thus, possible causes and suggested preventive measures were raised, as well as responsible ownership and health education to reduce environmental contamination of the city.


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