Feline plasm cell pododermatitis: case report


Feline Plasmacytic Pododermatitis is an uncommon dermatological disorder that affects one or multiple paw pads and leads to swelling, ulceration, hemorrhage, scaling, erythema, and striation. Its etiopathogenesis is poorly understood, however, an immune-mediated basis is strongly suggested. A two-year-old neutered, mixed breed, male cat was referred to the Veterinary Clinic of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Curitibanos Campus, with a brief clinical history of progressive lesions on palmar and plantar pads for one month. On physical examination, the patient had enlarged popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes, and paw pads with thin, swollen, hyperemic, erythematous, and purple color skin with multiple white striations. Histopathological diagnosis confirmed plasmacytic pododermatitis, and glucocorticoid therapy with prednisolone was prescribed. In the present report, the patient's clinical follow-up was compromised, as the tutor did not perform the prescribed treatment and did not return with the animal for further evaluations.



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