Clinical, surgical, and radiographic aspects in a white-eared opossum (Didelphis albiventris) with traumatic diaphragmatic hernia




This is the case of a specimen of Didelphis albiventris with signs of respiratory difficulty after a dog attack. Thoracic radiographic examination revealed pneumothorax, pulmonary contusion, and rib fracture, but no alteration compatible with diaphragmatic hernia was observed. Pneumothorax was reduced and the other alterations were treated. However, clinical manifestations persisted, and thus a contrast-gastrointestinal radiographic study was performed, showing abdominal organs in the thoracic cavity and loss of diaphragmatic line. The surgical approach was instituted, with access to the diaphragm through median laparotomy. Through the diaphragmatic rupture, present in the left antimere, there were herniated liver and gastric portions, intestinal segments, and omentum. After inspection and repositioning of the abdominal organs, the diaphragm raffia was performed with single sutures interrupted with 3-0 Nylon thread. The patient's complete recovery occurred 14 days after the surgical procedure, with remission of clinical manifestations and normality of thoracic images in radiographic studies.


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