Subcutaneous abscess caused by Trueperella pyogenes in a bovine in the Western Amazon: case report




Trueperella pyogenes is a pathogenic bacterium that causes suppurative infections in domestic and wild animals as well as humans. This paper describes a clinical case of subcutaneous abscess by T. pyogenes in a bovine in the Western Amazon, Brazil. During anamnesis, intramuscular injectable drug administration in the middle third of the left gluteal biceps muscle and the practice of reusing needles were reported. The clinical examination revealed edema, hyperthermia and high pain sensitivity to the touch in the region. A sample was collected through a puncture incision for the bacterial culture, during which T. pyogenes was isolated. The therapeutic approach was the use of a systemic antimicrobial and topical care, with a good prognosis. This report is the first description of infection by T. pyogenes in cattle in the Western Amazon and underscores the importance of appropriate sanitary management in herds, especially the use of disposable needles and hygiene at the site of parenteral drug application.


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