Poultry litter intake by cattle: epidemiological characterization and sanitation of health hazards





The aim of the current study is to report a sanitary episode of poultry litter intake by cattle, based on the epidemiological characterization of health hazards and of sanitation measures implemented in the investigated property. The sanitary episode resulted from an anonymous report about the use of poultry litter as cattle food. The rural property located in São José de Ribamar County, Maranhão State, was inspected 72 hours after the complaint. Based on the initial inspection, 119 Nellore cattle were subjected to confinement system and fed on cattle food added with poultry litter. Given such discovery, cattle food samples were collected and sent to the National Agricultural Laboratory of Santa Catarina State. Laboratory results have shown the incidence of uncalcined bones, unhydrolyzed feathers and blood in the analyzed samples, which confirmed the inclusion of animal by-products in cattle’s diet. The current study is the first official report about poultry litter intake by cattle in Maranhão State, which  was officially confirmed by laboratory results evidencing the presence of animal by-products in the analyzed samples. It is essential intensifying the active inspections carried out in ruminant-breeding farms in Maranhão State, as well as controlling poultry litter transit by documenting the purpose of its use.


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