Pulmonary lobe eventration in a dog: case report

  • Rafael Carli Ploks Universidade Federal do Paraná Setor Palotina
  • Dhyego Thomazoni
  • Jéssica Naiara Voitena
  • Mariana Pavelski
  • Olicies da Cunha
  • Marilene Machado Silva


A mixed breed dog, six years old was referred, after an episode of thoracic trauma bite, with posterior swelling in the thoracic region, to perform chest radiographs due to dry cough after physical exertion or dorsal position. Through radiographs, pulmonary protrusion through the fifth left intercostal space was observed. Thoracotomy and resection of cranial portion of the left cranial pulmonary lobe and eventration repair were performed. Postoperative chest radiographs confirmed the normal expansion of the remaining left cranial lobe. The intercostal eventration should be considered a differential diagnosis in cases of increased thoracic volume and episodes of trauma.


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Biografia do Autor

Rafael Carli Ploks, Universidade Federal do Paraná Setor Palotina
Graduado em Medicina Veterinária pela Universidade Estadual de Londrina em 2012 Pós-graduação em Diagnóstico por Imagem na Universidade Federal do Paraná Setor Palotina em 2016
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