Femoral corrective osteotomy associated with trochlear prosthetics and tibial tuberosity transposition with a tool for treatment of canine patellar dislocation


Patellar luxation is one of the main osteoarticular diseases described in the surgical routine of companion animals, whose treatment differs according to the degree of luxation based on the clinical alterations presented by each patient. The present report aims to describe the association of the femoral corrective osteotomy technique, total trochlear replacement of the knee by prosthesis and transposition of tibial tuberosity with device for correction of degree IV patella luxation in a 1.5 year old German Spitz canine with varus femoral deviation and external torsion of the tibia. The treatment allowed the correction of femoral bone deformation, realignment of the extensor mechanism of the quadriceps and permanent maintenance of the patella on the trochlear folds with early functional limb return, absence of pain and claudication.


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