Efficacy of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl) A. Gray on the inhibition of larval development of Haemonchus contortus


Sheep farming is an important economic activity from a commercial and subsistence perspective. However, helminth infections present a large sanitary problem for the production, especially haemonchosis caused by strains resistant to traditional anthelmintics. Here, we evaluated the effects of the stem and leaf of Tithonia diversifolia on the inhibition of Haemonchus contortus larval development. We performed a quantitative fecal culture test with feces of sheep inoculated with larvae tolerant to albendazole. Fecal cultures were treated with leaf or stem powder and were compared to the controls containing distilled water or levamisole. The T. diversifolia leaf and stem powders significantly reduced the production of H. contortus larvae. However, leaf powder was more effective, with 64.95% efficacy in the reduction of larvae production, representing a promising alternative in the integrated control of this nematode.



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