Pancreatic multifocal necrosis in female cat: case report


Pancreatitis is the inflammatory process of the exocrine pancreas, with necrosis and fibrosis as the main structural alterations. Felines may present the acute and chronic forms of the disease. A domestic, female, undefined feline (srd) was taken to a Private Veterinary Hospital in the city of Guarulhos, state of São Paulo. The animal had signs of apathy, prostration, inappetence, anorexia and bilateral exposure of the third eyelid. After the physical examination, blood was collected for haematological and biochemical exams. Abdominal ultrasonography was also requested, where reverberation was detected in the region of the intestinal loop, hyperechogenicity of the duodenal wall and reverberation of the pancreas. According to the results of the blood tests and ultrasonographic findings, we opted for exploratory laparotomy. During the surgical procedure a pancreatic fragment was collected for histopathological analysis. The histopathologic result was compatible with moderate multifocal pancreatic necrosis. Therefore, was instituted antibiotic therapy with Enrofloxacin (5 mg / kg, BID, IM for 5 days), analgesia with Tramadol Hydrochloride (2 mg / kg, BID, IV for 4 days) and Betamethasone (0.3 mg / kg, SID, IV). After the beginning of treatment with corticosteroid, the animal began to improve and eat. Many cases are diagnosed as acute or chronic pancreatitis only due to changes in pancreatic enzymes and ultrasonographic changes in the pancreas, using histopathological examination, which is a more instructive technique. It is very likely that pancreatic necrosis is not a pathology of low incidence, but rather poorly diagnosed due to difficulties in performing a biopsy.


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