Post-traumatic calcaneal tenorrhaphy associated to plaque and external skeletal fixative in dog: case report


The common calcaneal tendon is one of the most injured tendons in dogs. Regardless the cause, if untreated, the injury may increase permanently compromising the injured limb function. This is a case reported in a seven years old, male, 31.5 Kg, very hectic behavior, Labrador dog. The dog had been suffered a cut by walking on a wasteland. At the clinical examination, he presented claudication, knee hyperextension and tarsal hyperflexion. At the common calcaneal tendon palpation, a loss of continuity was realized characterizing a rupture. The injury was surgically treated by approximating the tendon´s stumps. Aiming to reduce the tension over the tendon, a plaque was sutured in the tendon caudal surface and the tarsocrural joint was temporarily immobilized. The calcaneal tenorrhaphy with modified Kessler suture associated to an orthopedical plaque and external skeletal fixative showed to be efficient to promote a dog´s common calcaneal tendon early repairing. The healing occurred by first intention and the injured limb had a deambulatory restoration even in the first postoperative week. Such conducts have also to be considered in calcaneal tenorrhaphies in active, heavy and/or uncooperative patients.



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