Clomipramine and alprazolam to treat noise phobia in a dog: case report


Behavioral disorders, including noise phobia, have a great impact on small animals internal medicine, impairing their quality of life as well as their life expectancy. The objective of this work is to report the case of a male dog who suffered from noise phobia and panic attacks triggered by thunderstorms and fireworks, and did not respond to previous training and treatment. After clinical and laboratory evaluations, he was treated with 2mg/kg clomipramine twice daily for 90 days associated with 0.06mg/kg alprazolam as needed on those days of intense fear. During the first week of treatment, a significant improvement could already be observed, with reduction in destructive behaviors, which lingered on for up to eight months of follow-up. The treatment stabilized the clinical condition and improved the patient's quality of life.


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